Your Business on the Web 

In the 21st century, it goes without saying that a website is needed for your business. Doesn’t it?

So why is it then that so many companies still have websites which aren’t performing at their maximum efficiency? Due to the fast paced nature of the web development industry and wider technology sectors, the goal posts for businesses are constantly changing, the number of websites is consistently growing, and it’s harder than ever to make a lasting impact online. That’s why BlockScope believes firmly in matching businesses with the very best in developer talent, who make it their number one priority to maintain an edge on this fast paced industry; delivering professional, cutting-edge web development for your business – every time

From small ventures to international corporations, your presence on the web is, in most cases, as important as a traditional brick-and-mortar premises. Web development can be compared to exactly that, building the crucial components of your business, store or services online, just like you would in a physical location.

Obsessing over a shop window display, a perfect sales pitch or that sleek business card still have a place, but we are firmly in the era of internet, and it’s never been more important than now to use the web to your businesses advantage. Brilliantly designed and developed websites are the shop-window of the 21st century. Just like a window display entices customers to enter your store, a great website encourages your users to stay, spend, and in some cases become part of the community built around your online brand. So surely it’s important to get it right?

At BlockScope, we understand that good quality, responsive web development can be instrumental to the long-term success of your business. A website which performs over multiple devices, features vital information, and attracts users is essential to maintain a strong presence on the web.

A well developed, functioning and enticing website can build trust between you and your clients, increase sales, leads and conversions; and most importantly, increase your exposure to the world.

Are Websites Really Crucial to Your Business?

Ever heard the phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well when it comes to web development, you can forget it. Having a responsive web presence which stands out to your clients can catapult your business to success, so you’re not left behind in the history books.

Still not sure you need expert web design? Here’s a few interesting statistics from the web:

  • Research from Stanford University showed that 75% of web users judged the credibility of a whole business based on the look, professionalism, content quality and usability of their website. So if your website is underdeveloped, hard to use, or unresponsive, it reflects poorly on the whole business. That’s not just your online presence, that’s your physical business too.
  • A study found that visitors make up their minds about a website after viewing it for just 50 milliseconds – That’s how much time you have to impress your clients enough to stay and explore your website. Just like the shop window analogy above, you want the first thing your customers see to be seamless and engaging. Otherwise, customers will ‘bounce’ – this is where they stay on your website for just a few seconds before leaving, and often don’t return.
  • Over 52% of users will find your website on their mobile devices, 43% on desktop and around 4% on tablet devices, so developing a website that functions perfectly on all devices is crucial to your business.
  • This year, the Adobe Digital Trends report stated that over 75% are actively investing in smart web development which can set them apart from their competition. Are you thinking about joining the majority who value professional web development?

These are just some of the reasons web development and responsive design are so crucial to your businesses website. As time progresses, the significance of web based commerce will surely continue to grow.

Web Development at BlockScope

Tailored web development doesn’t have to be difficult. At BlockScope, we take pride in creating the next generation of websites, utilizing the latest technology to provide a seamless experience for you, the end user.

The team at BlockScope is comprised of dedicated developers heavily experienced in NodeJS, React, Redux, Python, MongoDB and JavaScript; bringing a wealth of experience and resources to your project. It’s our business to enhance your business, building a website which offers a rich user experience for your clients, and likewise meeting your every need as our client.

Web development in Gibraltar and Malta is a large industry and we’re at the forefront of this dynamic industry. BlockScope is geographically well placed with dual offices in the two major FinTech hubs of Europe, and we leverage our unique position to stay on top of new developments and trends in the fast-paced world of web development.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, and we can work with you to develop your perfect website and take your business to new levels online.