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Social Media Marketing is more important than ever before. With social media users growing day by day, you can target key customers, clients and partners directly relevant to your business, by tapping in to the huge amount of social data available to your company. Likewise, what better way to build customer trust than to maintain an active presence on social media? There’s no need to convince you though, the statistics speak for themselves…

How Many People are Using Social Media? 

Lets start with some statistics about reach. How many people actually use the internet in their daily lives? It’s more than you might think. According to We Are Social, over 4 billion of the worlds population are now actively using the internet on a regular basis. Of these users, over 3.1 billion use social media. That’s a huge potential audience who could be converted into valued customers through well targeted social media marketing.

Increasingly, countries which previously had limited access to the internet or other forms of communication are spending more and more time online. Per day, average hours of internet usage in Thailand, the Philippines and Brazil tipped the scales at over 9 hours per person, across all devices. The Philippines alone spend 4 of these 9 hours on social media channels.

Facebook is the largest social media channel in the world, and is an increasingly efficient way of reaching potential customers. One mind blowing statistic found that as of January 2018, a staggering 2,167 million users frequented Facebook monthly. Put differently, it’s estimated that 22% of the worlds population have accounts on Facebook.

In fact, so many people signed up to social media platforms each day worldwide during the past year (2017-2018), that on average roughly 11 users per second create a social media account. That’s around 1 million new users per day. This is up 13% from last year, and this trend is expected to continue growing during the coming years.

The best time to invest in social media marketing really is right now.

Investing in Quality Social Media Marketing

As we’re sure you will know, making any decision within your business which incurs costs and takes time is more than just a quick decision. It’s a well planned and prepared investment. Social media marketing should be no different, and should be carried out with all the care and commitment as any other forms of advertising. So lets get in to social media return on investment, what is it, and why is it important for your business?

Social media marketing can sometimes be make or break. Part of the reason companies spend vast amounts of their budgets hiring quality social media marketing professionals and agencies is because when social media marketing is done well, it can vastly increase sales, conversions and leads. Simply, taking the time to target the correct audience, with tailor-made advert parameters, maximises your return on investment of advert expenditure. Done badly? It can eat away at those precious marketing budgets, completely miss your target audience and fail to drive new revenue. Even worse, it wastes your businesses time. 

You won’t let that happen for your business though; because we’re going to show you some key statistics which prove just how crucial professionally executed social media marketing is to your business:

  • Over 50 million businesses use Facebook business pages, and 5 million of these businesses utilise paid advertisements to reach their customers.
  • Facebook ads targeted at users on mobile devices accounted for 87% of advertising revenues, and cost 8 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2017 alone, according to research conducted by Forbes.
  • Customers spend up to 20 – 40% more with brands and businesses who engage directly with them on social media.
  • Spending on social media adverts in 2017 exceeded $35 billion worldwide, which was over 16% of all digital advert spend – proving just how many businesses are turning to social media to maintain their competitive edge.
  • Facebook generated almost $40 billion in revenue from advertising in 2017, whilst their partner site Instagram generated more than $2.81 billion in revenue from mobile adverts alone.
  • The average conversion rate for Facebook adverts across all of the diverse range of industries is 9.21%. Conversions are those adverts which generate revenue after they have been clicked by a customer (i.e. make a sale, generate a lead or fulfil a certain action).

Social Media Marketing at BlockScope

At BlockScope, we understand the ingredients required to produce quality, effective and high impact social media marketing campaigns. We can tailor your social media marketing to your exact specifications, or equally, we can guide and consult with you, to identify aspects of your advert requirements as diverse as your target audience, preferred platform, and advert expenditure.

Our social media marketing experts have the knowledge and skill sets to deliver consistently quality advert campaigns, to boost your sales, leads and conversions, and maximise your return on investment.

Most importantly, choosing BlockScope to handle your social media marketing will save your business valuable time, so you can get back to watching your bottom line. Contact us today to find out how you can put social media marketing to work for your business.