What Makes a Great Brand?

You’re walking down the high street in a bustling city. As you wonder past brightly lit buildings, you notice many retailers, food outlets and businesses which you know and recognize at a moments glance… McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike. Whether you know it or not, you will associate these brands with certain ideas, feelings and individual identities.

Often, you won’t even have to see the company name to know which brand the product belongs to. An apple with a bite from it? A huge illuminated ‘M’? A white tick sign? Now imagine these brands on the web, and it’s just as important that strong brand continuity continues online.

Branding is perhaps the single most powerful tool in building a lasting and successful business, which customers and clients can associate with values which matter to them. It’s easy to see branding in the physical world, but what about on the internet?

Companies spend vast amounts of time and money building a perfect brand, sometimes reinventing their brand completely; and rightly so. Your logo, domain name, web design, even the font used on your media speaks volumes about your brand. Equally as important is the culture you build around your brand. How do you include your customers, and make them feel like a valued part of your brand?

It’s the fabric of your business, it’s core values and beliefs, visualised on the internet for all of your visitors to see. That’s why at BlockScope, we think it’s important that you get it right, first time, every time.

What is Branding?

This might initially seem obvious, but what exactly is meant by branding? The dictionary definition of branding is “something distinguished by some distinctive characteristic“, and that’s exactly what your branding should be, distinctive.

But with over 1.8 billion websites on the internet in 2018, how can yours be distinctive? What steps can you take to stand out, and how can branding help you achieve a high authority on the web?

BlockScope can help you identify and implement effective branding to stand out amongst the competition and grow your business, based around proven branding techniques:

  • Consistency –  Everything on your website, and in your physical business, should shout “This is us, this is the fabric of our brand”. It’s the consistent delivery of quality content, in keeping with your brands vision and message, that will get you recognised, and keep your customers coming back for more. When Apple released their first ever iPod 16 years ago, the market was already saturated with Mp3 players. Did this stop Apple? Of course not. Because they released a great product, and then consistently delivered branding and quality content to build their brand and increase their authority, both online and offline. In fact, the ‘iPod’ and ‘iPhone’ brand Apple created was so powerful, that it inspired many hundreds of spin-offs eager to cash in on the ‘i’ craze. The best part? Apple is still selling it’s iPod’s and iPhone’s today, after almost two decades. That’s the power of consistency.
  • Inclusivity – There are so many products, services, and websites out there now that your clients and customers are spoilt for choice. Even if you’re giving them the best service, and the best prices, can you be sure they will keep coming back? By building an inclusive brand, you can make your clients and customers feel part of a wider community. This is a powerful branding technique which builds brand loyalty for your business. Take a look at the Starbucks social media channels. Special hashtags, tailored Twitter, Instagram and Facebook communities, and customer loyalty rewards. All these have made a trip to Starbucks more than just buying a coffee. When customers enter in to a Starbucks coffee house, they feel they are entering an inclusive community, which they feel part of due to clever social media branding techniques. BlockScope can consult on how you can make inclusive members, not just clients, no matter what your business.
  • Vision – Are you purely selling a product or service, or are you selling an idea? The most successful brands always have a positive vision attached to their business, a message they want to share with their clients, or a mission. Patagonia, the sports and lifestyle brand, have a young, environmentally aware demographic which they target, and each part of their branding reflects this. In addition to reiterating it in almost every piece of media they publish online, they also post quality online content from thought leaders, support environmental charity groups and share their vision publicly. The result is a huge amount of engagement from their customers, because just like inclusivity, a company vision which resonates with your clients will keep them loyal and strengthen your brand for years to come.


Branding at BlockScope

Your online presence can make a huge difference when it comes to standing out amongst the competition. Let BlockScope create your brand with our experienced team of designers and developers.

We’re on hand to consult with you at all stages of your brands journey. Let our team share in your brands vision and guide you through the steps to share your business with the world.